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8 Smart Ideas For Fresh Website Content

A website is a living thing that needs to be updated, enhanced, and freshened up frequently to perform its purpose. Your customers will thank you and your search engine ranking will improve when you update your website often by changing or adding content.

Out of ideas? Our Atlanta web design company can help when you reach out to us. For now, here are 8 smart ideas for compelling content to freshen up your website when you can’t think of anything to say:

1. Let your customers do the talking. Reviews and testimonials are motivating for site visitors because they provide insight into how your company is viewed by others. You can use social media or your newsletter to ask for testimonials, making sure to get permission to use them online.

2. Shine a spotlight on your people. Including quick bios or blog posts about key staff members can help give your company a face, making it seem more real to your customers. Even a photo of real staff members doing their jobs can be compelling.

3. Show off community involvement. An image on your home page of your staff running in a recent charity race or a blog post about a complimentary service you provided to a needy local family or organization is fresh content that makes a positive statement.

4. Make something new into news. Whether it’s a shiny new vehicle for your service calls or a new product you’ve recently added to your store, upgrades and expansions show that your business is healthy and thriving. Customers like to know you’re improving and advancing.

5. Stay up with the seasons. Add posts or change content to show that you’re keeping up with the current season. Even if your products and services don’t change, you can use text and images related to the season to freshen up your website.

6. Create a list post. List posts – like this one! – are easy to read and can provide a lot of information in few words. You could list reasons your customers should use your services or things they may not know about your company.

7. Include a survey. Putting a simple survey that’s related to your business on your website is a great idea to generate interaction. You can share it on social media too. This Atlanta web design company can help you add a survey to your website.

8. Give something away. A giveaway doesn’t have to be big to be compelling, and it can give you something new to promote when you can’t think of anything else. Use a prize offer as an opportunity to collect email addresses and generate traffic for your site.

We’re Your Ideas People

For excellence in technical skill, our Atlanta web design company is unsurpassed in creating and maintaining web presences. But we’re also ideas people who can help keep your site fresh and alive. Spectra Web Designs in Tyrone, Georgia combines small-town sensibilities with big city focus and dedication to help our clients succeed. Contact us now for help enhancing your website – whether we designed it or not.

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