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Email Is More Effective Than Any Other Outreach, And Here’s Why

Email is a more effective marketing tool than social media or just about any other way of reaching prospective customers and clients – because you’re fully in control of your message and who sees it. Of course, you must have a great email list for it to work well. 

Here’s what doesn’t work: Relying on services like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that could change their algorithms and take away your reach. In fact, significant changes to how these social media channels display posts from businesses aren’t just a possibility. It has already happened. At Spectra Web Designs, we’re email marketing experts who can show you how to avoid being a casualty of social media algorithms.

Why Email Works Best

You shouldn’t necessarily abandon social media or other marketing methods, but their purpose should be to drive prospective clients to your email list. Everyone who interacts with your business in person, through social media, at events, and in any other way should be encouraged to join your email list.

Establishing a strong email list will help you stay in contact with your base, nurture leads, achieve sales goals, and generate repeat business to keep your company on solid ground.

Want more details about why an email list is the best way to interact with your clients and potential clients? Here are some reasons smart marketers prefer email outreach:

  • It has less competition. No matter how bloated or disorganized an inbox is, there are fewer messages competing for attention than on social media.
  • It usually lands. No system is perfect, but when you send an email, it usually arrives if you use a reliable service. Social media channels limit who sees what.
  • Action is necessary. Your contact can’t just scroll past a message in their email forever. They must eventually delete it, leading to at least minimal interaction with your message.
  • You control the message. Email isn’t limited by the rules of a social media platform, giving you control over the design, content, and personalization of the message.
  • Segmentation is unlimited. If you have enough information about your email subscribers, you can segment your mailings as specifically as you like, providing each segment the best message. 
  • Testing improves results. With email marketing, A/B and multivariate testing with different messages and calls to action can help you get better and better at reaching your customers.
  • Legalities are easier. Certain topics are banned from social media, including gambling, for example. Things are simpler with email, and unintended readers are less likely to see your message. 
  • You own the list. When you use email rather than social media, you have a direct route to your customers with no one in the middle who can change the rules and foil your plans.

Please understand that this is not a complete list of email advantages. Consumers often express in surveys a preference for commercial email to social media advertising – plus statistics show that emails get more engagement. 

We Believe In Email Marketing

At Spectra Web Designs, we believe in the power and versatility of email marketing. Let our Atlanta area website design and online marketing company help you create a strategy that will move your business forward – or adjust your current strategy away from total dependence on social media and toward the intelligence of email. Reach out now to learn how we can help you.

Of course, we provide our customer’s advice, tips, and information through our own email list. Sign up now for the Spectra Insider and see how we put our advice to work for ourselves. You’ll gain insight into how we handle email marketing, the key to success in today’s marketplace.

Let us prove to you that email marketing works.

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