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Responsive Web Design: What Do You Mean My Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly?

Responsive Web Design

More than half of today’s website visitors come from mobile devices. As many as 60 percent of people use their phone as their primary method of browsing the web. Depending on your line of business, almost all your site visitors could come from devices that weren’t available just a few years ago. Our Atlanta website design company can replace your dated website with a modern one that meets customers where they are, and that’s often on their phones.

Additionally, Google has tweaked its search algorithm in recent years to favor sites that work well on mobile devices. That means an old-fashioned unfriendly site doesn’t just turn off your customers, it reduces your likelihood of showing up in a top position in online searches. 

Not long ago, many website designers created special versions of their clients’ websites. When a mobile visitor was detected, they saw a different site. But not all devices and browsers identified themselves correctly, and there was also the chore of maintaining two different sites. Today, there’s a better way.

Welcome To Responsive Web Design

At Spectra Web Designs, we create modern, responsive websites. Each of our sites automatically sends requesting devices instructions based on the size of the screen. That way, the 6.5-inch screen on an Android phone sees a beautiful version of your site, and so does a huge PC monitor. Responsive web design is as simple as that: It means your website responds to the size of the screen it’s shown on.

It’s not all about making things smaller or larger. Here are a few key ideas that we consider when creating responsive websites for local businesses:

  • Smaller devices have touch-screens. On small screens, buttons, menus, and links are easier to press if they’re larger and have a bit of space between them.
  • Fonts need adjusting for optimal readability. Text on small devices needs to be large to be easily read, but headings don’t necessarily need to be as large proportionally as on big screens. 
  • Hovering is out. A few years ago, hovering over a button or line of text might have resulted in color changes, menus appearing, or interactive features launching – which aren’t likely to work with touch screens.
  • Some things change in importance. The standard is to make all functions and details available to all users, but mobile users are more likely to want your address and phone number right away and less likely to read long articles, for example.

We Design For Today And Beyond

At Spectra Web Designs, we create websites for Georgia businesses that serve you well today and well into the future. Our sites are easy to use on touch screens, have the text you can read on any device without zooming, present information people want based on their device, and more. Contact us to move up to a modern new website.

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