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Why The Design Of Your Local Business Website Matters

The most important thing for a website is to just get the information out there, right? 

Not exactly. 

At Spectra Web Designs, we’re an Atlanta area web design company that makes beautiful sites that convey information well. That is, we make successful sites – ones that are engaging, stand out from the competition and meet visitor needs. Here are some specific ways the design of your website matters to its effectiveness:

A good impression matters.

It’s crucial to make a good first impression – and every impression after that matters too. An appealing and engaging website keeps your visitors from being turned off, and that enhances your chances of getting the lead, sale, or whatever you want. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a beautiful, well-designed, and fully functional website for making a positive impression.

Every returning visitor matters. 

Users who have a genuine interest in your products or service who are already customers may return to your site often. An engaging site makes for an enjoyable browsing experience. Keeping these fans of your company interested in your content keeps them interesting in what you’re selling – and coming back to make new purchases. They may offer referrals too.

A low bounce rate matters. 

Your site’s bounce rate is how often a visitor looks at only one page of your site. A low bounce rate is concrete evidence that your site is holding interest and generating clicks. It can be difficult to tell what’s going through consumers’ minds when they visit your site, but a low bounce rate is a sure indication that your online presence is providing something relevant to your audience.

Sharing matters. 

Social media sharing buttons are tools that enhance user engagement with your site. While visitors may be able to share through their browsers, making it easy to share through your site allows for quick and easy redistribution of your content to users’ friends or followers. That leads to greater exposure for you – which can mean more leads, customers, and sales. There is no downside to a site design that includes ample sharing tools and opportunities.

Create Engagement With A Better Website

The design of your website isn’t something you should take lightly or hand off quickly. At many large companies, there are professional web designers, marketing teams, and content developers who expend significant time and resources on perfecting sites that look good and serve their purposes well. If your business doesn’t include people who are experienced in creating and maintaining effective websites, we can help.

Spectra Web Designs in Georgia is a full-service online presence provider, and we’re ready to improve the features of your existing site or create a stunning new site that will impress and engage your potential clients. Reach out now to get started – or let us keep in touch with you with no obligation. The Spectra Insider offers tips, reports, and advice you can use to make smart business advancement decisions, and it’s available for free.

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