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SSL (Secure Socket Layer) What’s The Big Deal?

SSL What's the Big Deal

For a long time when it comes to your website, you have heard me say over and over again “Ya need to have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for your website”. So what is the big deal?
If you do not know what I am talking about it is the green lock on the address bar of your web browser.


This lets visitors to your website know when they interact with your site all communications are secure from hackers.

What does an SSL do?

The short answer is, it encrypts data from end to end.  What the heck does that mean?  When you have a “Contact Us” form (all of my clients do) or an “email Sign Up” form (all of my clients do) or accept “comments from your blog”.  You are asking your visitor to give you information about themselves.  Such as name, address, e-mail and sometimes their credit card information.

Without an SSL the information sent over the internet is not secure and any hacker can tap into your communications and capture sensitive info about your visitor.  No Bueno.

With an SSL in place, your visitor’s information is encrypted before they hit the send button and then unencrypted when you receive the information.  This protects your visitor’s information and you from any potential hacking.

Well if the above information is not enough to motivate you to contact me to get your SSL for your website, read the following:

“Google has just announced when your visitor uses the Google Chrome browser to visit your website, starting October 2017, they will identify all forms as unsecured if you do not have an SSL in place.  They will warn your visitors, your site is unsecured and they [the visitor] should leave the website, again No Bueno for you.”

FireFox will have a similar message as well, if not already.

I encourage you to get a hold of me, via Carrier Pigeon, Smoke Signals, Morse Code or just plain old email and I will get an SSL for your website in short order.

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Friends don’t let friends have unsecured websites!

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